Duggal Ad on Hotstar and Memories from the past

If you are watching IPL on Hotstar then you can’t miss this ad. They are playing at least 10 times during an inning and people are loving “Duggle”. It has become so annoying(that’s true) that I tried “watch’n play” on my hotstar app and honestly, It sucks. It doesn’t have that fun and excitement in comparison to shout the same thing. It’s crazy but that’s the fun.

But, the new ad has brought back some memories of childhood and college life while watching cricket

I used to get goosebumps during watching cricket and couldn’t keep my mouth shut. This has definitely improved but still, it has not gone 100%. when I was a kid and I used to watch the match with my father, It usually gets weird where I ended up saying what would be coming in next ball. Especially, when India used to bat. The prediction used to come from my mouth naturally and it annoyed my father a lot. Sometimes, I was forced to not watch the game whenever India started losing the game.

During my college time, the TV room would be full of “duggle”. Especially the ones at the back. Everyone, at the back, used to predict what would be happening next and accordingly they used to keep their nerves calm. That was really funny.

I believe that hostar will keep this ad just for fun because I see some serious betting plans out of this feature in other counties but not in India. I wouldn’t surprise if they integrate this feature with bet365.com in England during the world cup to monetize the experience. I hope not.

I am sure that everybody must have done “duggle” act at some time. Hope you enjoy the ad.

5 Ex-Chelsea players getting limelight in EPL

The 2017-18 has been an amazing season so far for football. Exciting football from Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester city has certainly brought the excitement. As a Chelsea fan, I am happy that we are still in contention to finish in Top 4. But one team, which has lost the rhythm lately was Chelsea. After having “decent” start and not so surprising throughout the December, we are almost catching up on 4th. For last few years, we have lost some great talents to our competitors. Let’s look at the 5 Ex- Chelsea players who are really pulling off a magnificent and spectacular performance with their respective team.

Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku had just 10 appearances with Chelsea team in three years until he moved to Everton.  His 75 Million Pound Price tag speaks itself that how worthy he was at Everton before moving to Manchester United. So far, He has scored 14 Goals for United and still counting. His future with Mourinho looks bright. He has the full trust of his manager and supporters.

Kevin De Bruyne:

De Bruyne is one of the most Mid-fielder right now in Europe. He was with Chelsea for two years from 2012 to 2014. His years were not so great and He got only 3 appearances in the dark blue shirt before moving to Wolfsburg. He joined Manchester City in 2015 for the club record of 54 million pounds. He has justified his price with 14 assists in this season.

Mohammed Salah:

Currently, Salah is the target of Real Madrid for the summer. He has played consistently after joining Liverpool last summer. He has scored 36 Goals in all competitions. Salah was brought in Chelsea by the “Special One” but he couldn’t show his skills and played just 13 games in 2 years with Chelsea. His performance with Roma was convincing to Liverpool to bring him back in Premier League and now he is on his the best form of life.

Nemanja Matic:

Matic joined Chelsea in 2009 but didn’t get the opportunity and loaned out to Vitesse and then later sold to Benfica. Mourinho brought him back to Chelsea in 2014 and he was an integral part of the team until last season. United paid more than 40 million pounds for his reunion with Mourinho.

Juan Mata:

He was one of my favorites at Chelsea and I still find me a great footballer. He was the Chelsea player of the year for two successive years. But he was never a good fit in the Mourinho’s team and sold to united. He sold to the Manchester United with a price tag od 37.1 million pounds and now he is again with Mourinho.

Apart from the above 5 players, there are others too like- Sterling and Peter Cech who are highly successful with other premier league clubs after leaving the Stamford Bridge. As a fan, It is never easy to digest some of your favorites players is scoring against you.

A New beginning With Adobe Launch

After working for almost 6 years on two different TMS of adobe, It’s time for a change now.  Adobe announced a next-generation TMS last summit and now, in few days, Adobe Launch will be available for all customers. Some of the other Tag managers are far ahead in this race. But it’s never late in the game of technology.

I have been working or you can say playing around with the Adobe Launch for almost 7 months now. Since then, The product has evolved a lot and have added great confidence from the customers who are really excited to use TMS from Adobe.

The Adobe Launch has been developed on Adobe Cloud Platform and provides more flexibility than DTM. In this post, I am going to highlight few key features of Adobe Launch-

  • Launch APIs – It is possible to write some code and do exactly what could be possible from the User Interface. This means that developer can work on these open API to implement Adobe solutions.

You can learn how to use these APIs at –https://developer.adobelaunch.com/api/    It is possible to create a rule, data element, adapter and any other actions.

  • Deploying Marketing tags on SPAs– The Adobe launch has been developed to ensure that marketer can use the Tag Manager on SPAs in a seamless way. The launch gives the flexibility of firing tags based on the Order Number, clear the variables on condition, loading the Launch library in a sync way etc.
  • Building Extensions- Adobe now gives you the capability to build your own extension. It’s like building your own App and pushing to the play store or App Store. It’s really exciting. Consider a use case, where your internal team is building a chat based support system and you would like to use Adobe target to show custom content based on the segments. Currently, This will take a lot of effort to do so but building an extension and to use along with Target would be fairly a less time-consuming approach. Adobe Launch gives a marketplace for 3rd Party to build/manage extensions with the support of Adobe. You can read about how to get started with Extension from the following link- https://developer.adobelaunch.com/guides/extensions/

There are tons of other features which give more power to the developer as well as a digital marketer.

You can go the following document link to learn more about Adobe Launch-


Also, Feel free to go through the below training video to learn some basics on Adobe Launch-

BrownPacket @ Forbes U30

It was a great experience to put up a stall for BrownPacket at Forbes -U30 in Boston. We were the only alpha startup from India and was great to get amazing feedback and meeting young entrepreneurs. It was totally worth spending the money.

I attended the event last year as a participant but this year was more fun and learning experience. These are the fabulous four reasons to showcase the product at this platform-

  • Getting some great feedback from 3rd eye perspective.
  • Understanding the technology and idea of other entrepreneurs in the US and comparing on where do we stand in terms of  execution and growth
  • Finding a business partner to launch the app in other countries (Ohh.. this worked).
  • Connecting with Angel investors and U30 list makers.

I am excited to talk to folks in Indonesia, Myanmar,and Thailand for launching in these countries very soon. We are also excited to work on a collaboration deal with one of the other healthcare startup MedClue in coming months.

Also, we are getting support from few Tech Entrepreneurs who are based out of US to fine tune our application and services.

I tried to connect with all sorts of people and thankful for my friends Karan and Abhishek who supported me during the 3 days of an extravaganza. Apart from connecting with great link minded people, The event was full of surprise and fun. DJ Zedd played on day one and then we did bar crawling in Fenway Park( Home of Boston Redsox). You can see some pictures from the event.

During the event, we put a survey on our stall and asked simple questions. 60% of the people who took part in the survey said that they have not used/tried any online systems to order medicines. There were 37.5 % people who said that they don’t want to share their prescription with any third party apps or websites and just 15% people of the total response received mentioned that they use health app on a day today basis. It was an incredible response from attendees.

I got a chance to meet the Founder of Hungary Harvest and some other awesome young U30 list makers such as Ahmed Wani(CEO of one Concern) and Arjun Malhotra (Co-founder of Investopad).

Overall, It was a very good learning curve for us and looking forward to making some serious impact on Healthcare industry in Rural and Urban India.

Wheatfield with Crows by Vincent van-Gogh

Verses Inked©

This is Verses Inked, for now and forever, as much elaborate, as is ambiguous.

To elaborate is to explain, understood. Yet Ambiguous!, about what, still ambiguous. Meet Monsieur Mystery alias Dr Dilemma.Call them indecision, uncertainty, and some more words worth their weight in nibbles of information across some far flung data channel.

As and how suits the drive towards existence, accordingly perhaps, ambiguity as well defines itself . For instance, what drove the ducks elsewhere. Them ducks from central park, NY, of the Catcher in the Rye. The ducks who went some place warm every winter.

Ambiguity lingers on, perhaps like death, or perhaps as would some pagan belief, or a creative expression- a piece of creation, albeit thought have it, like the messengers of death – Crows. Ain’t the Lord made them ambiguous.At least of speech and composition. At least when you judge them like an anthropology nerd. They…

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Super Frankie Lampard

Image by- Getty Images.

Watching Super Frankie in Blue jersey, since I started following Chelsea club, has always been a delight. I was in tears when Frankie scored against us during fall of the 2014-15 season. And It was no surprise for the world when he got a standing ovation from home supporter.  As I wrote my experience couple of years ago on Learnomics-  https://learnomics.me/football/chelsea-fc/lampard-returns-against-the-blues/

The famous No. 8 from England and one of the most successful midfielders of his generation has called out to hang up his boots yesterday. It was not happy moments for fans when he decided to leave the club in 2014 after Spending 13 years with Chelsea. Every time he scored, I celebrated like a crazy Chelsea fan and especially scoring against Barcelona in 2006  and Champions League match against Napoli in 2012. He always played it calmly on the field and was one of the most active players on the pitch during the game.

Lampard earned all the respect and trophies with Blues but has always been an underrated player in the world arena. His ability to play in midfield was amazing. He played in central position, attacking midfielder as well as a defensive midfielder. He and Drogba have been us so many moments to Chelsea fan that we would never forget. Even though he scored against Chelsea, I never thought of any bad thing about Frankie because he has given so many glorious moments to us that are unforgettable.

Watch the  Frank Lampard-

As he walks out of the pitch, I would be very happy to see him in the dressing room of Chelsea with young kids or with the senior team. All the best to Super Frank. More to Come here. Keep Reading.!!

Importance of Reciprocity in Human behavior

Happy New folks.!! 2017 has kicked off in a really great way for me till now and hoping that well wishes and good work will always repay.

One of the biggest things, I have learned in first 15 days of 2017 (I would say, in the last couple of days) to understand the meaning of “Reciprocity”. I know that it is a big word but it was unknown to me until I heard it from someone.

“Dude, I am not reciprocative”, one of my friends said and my immediate reaction was ””aah, what did you say?”. The reply came after a silence of 3 seconds. “Forget it, I don’t want to talk about it”. To be honest, I didn’t know the deep meaning of this word and I had to say “ok, fine”.

But, Out of curiosity I researched about the word and How does it relate to our behavior. Really? Does that sound too hard and tough? Yes. It is correct. We may not realize the consequences before we use such heavy word in the conversation but it is our sense of understanding and moreover, our maturity level which need to be looked at.

I knew the meaning of word “reciprocal” because when we were a kid, we studied reciprocal of 8 is 1/8. Funny.. Huu… So, that’s how I was thinking to understand before looking into many psychology blogs and books. So, This blog is based on that research which is making me more comfortable to interact with people around me.

What is reciprocity?

In a simple word, Reciprocity is the simple word which means that people should repay in kind what another person has provided for them. That means people try to give back the kind of treatment they receive from another.

Who are reciprocative people?

The people who believe in the theory of reciprocity. Nobody in this world can survive without this. So, saying that I am not reciprocative is not always true. It could be reciprocative from your other aspects of mutual exchange but not always correctly.

Importance of Reciprocity

Reciprocity is not only a strong determining factor of human behavior; it is a powerful method for gaining one’s compliance with a request. The rule of reciprocity has the power to trigger feelings of indebtedness even when faced with an uninvited favor and irrespective of liking the person who executed the favor.

It is very important to build reciprocity in a relationship whether it is a friendship or life partner. Based on different psychological posts, people are very afraid to talk about it.

Building a reciprocity between a new relationship or a growing relationship is very different from the one who is committed. People often make mistakes in understanding their colleague, partners or friends.I am writing here as a growing relationship and a new relationship.

In a new/growing relationship, reciprocity needs to be handled very carefully. because this could be the building blocks of it and if this gets developed then you would probably reach the next steps of the relationship. I would definitely assume reciprocity in my new relationship because this would make thing clear and give an idea to know people around me. A non-reciprocative person usually hates taking about sharing things in an equal manner, jumping in for more than expected help and moreover reacting with people as per the situation. Negative reciprocity also occurs whenever there would be a bad effect of it.

Being Reciprocative is good(Most of the time)

When two people decide to develop a healthy, interdependent, reciprocal relationship, it is wise for them to take the time to talk about their personal value system and what characteristics they believe in creating a healthy relationship. The best way to deal with such(reply to my friend’s question) scenario is to go with the possible best solution. Saying, that I am not reciprocative would never help anybody. This would always bring friction in the relationship.Also, Talking more in detail and sharing the idea would be helpful to both people.


Reciprocity was a cornerstone of human development and also a healthy relationship. Hence when someone is saying that I am not a reciprocative would never help to build a relationship.